I did my first degree in urban planning in Denmark (The Aarhus School of Architecture). From 1994 to 1997 I worked on my PhD thesis with the title “Strangers, Ambivalence and Social Theory”, followed by another research project focused on the sociology of mobility. During 1998-1999 I held an assistant professorship at Roskilde University, Department of Geography. I came to Lancaster in September 1999.

My present research has the title: “God, Politics, Economy – Social Theory and the Antinomies of Religion”. In general I work on social theory, political philosophy, cinema, urbanism, post-structuralism and migration.

Currently I am teaching three undergraduate courses, “Terror”, “Sociology Goes to Hollywood”, and “City and Mobility”, as well as a MA course, “Social and Cultural Theory”. I am interested in supervising PhD projects related to diagnostic social theory, new social theories, social philosophy, politics, mobility, urban issues, and post-structuralism.